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國際大學拍片運動 Cinemasports Universities 瘋格調 - 保濕。乳


    Dreaming Alone

    A guy who want to be loved.


        多樂四甲 4A1K0026 王宏成

            TOGETHER FOREVER - short film

            Done by film student and friends from Slovenia.
            The three conditions to be used in the film were:
            - Hold hands
            - Mirror
            - Stick

                The Magic Seeds

                Created during our January School Holiday Workshop.
                'The Magic Seeds' was made by 8 Kids, all aged between 7-12 years old.
                -Leo, Wil, Charlotte, Imogen, Lucinda, Harry, Jasper and Charlie.

                    The Adventures of Lenny: The Magical Doors

                    Created in South Australia during our 'Kids Camera Action' January school holiday workshop.
                    This film was made by 7 kids aged between 8-12 - Jesse, Toby, Max, Mitch, Cooper, Elijah and Ky.

                        The Crook and the Flower

                        A small-time crook attempts to steal a somewhat well-guarded flower. Shenanigans ensue.