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Reel Science Challenge at San Francisco Green Film Festival

25 八月 20186 九月 2018

We pair a scientist with a filmmaker and give them a deadline to make a film. Their challenge: Create art from climate science. We invite musicians, actors, dancers, and artists to join the creativity. These unlikely teams endeavor to make films that connects audiences with climate research in a unique way, a new expression of empirical data. Films may include humor, romance, stunts... There are no boundaries.

Can a scientist express their passion for the verifiable into something ephemeral? If a research paper could be published as a musical, could it win a Tony? These are questions The Reel Science Challenge attempts to answer.

August 25: Matchmaker Kickoff @ The Exploritorium - Kanbar Forum - Open to the Public

Teams meet each other for the first time. Join us for the kickoff when scientists meet their filmmaker partners. Scientists give a short talk about their climate research, and we'll introduce their creative partners to the public. We hope it's not as awkward as a nerdy dating show. Come witness the creative chemistry, and hopefully sparks begin to fly.

The Exploritorium - Kanbar Forum

Pier 15
(Embarcadero at Green Street)
San Francisco, CA 94111

Sept 6-14: Screening

Final movies will be filmed as part of the San Francisco Green Film Festival program.

Interested in participating? If you are a scientist, filmmaker, musician, actor, dancer, visual artist or other creative, sign up here: