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Cinemasports is the Iron Chef of Filmmaking. Teams have 10 hours to complete a movie with a list of ingredients. Finished movies screen the 11th hour, that very night. For Example, can different teams complete a short movie during daylight hours that includes an English teacher, a tattoo, and a lost lover? Three-time Oscar winner Walter Murch says, "Something emerges that's not contained in any of the films..."

Cinemasports has staged dozens of events in cities worldwide since 2004.

What's Special About Cinemasports
Unlike any other filmmaking event, Cinemasports promises movies made after sunrise and screened before bed time. This short timeframe not only eliminates grueling sleepless nights, it produces better quality movies. Filmmakers keep creative energy high through the compact Cinemasports timeframe so projects don't burn out from overambition. Cinemasports also promotes greater diversity of movie-makers because professional filmmakers and hobbyists alike often can't sacrifice a sleepless night. What else are you doing on Saturday?

Cinemasports screenings change the way we experience movies. Evening screenings showcases movies started that very morning and are open to the public. Part world premiere, part wrap-up party for movie crews, these public screenings vibrate with energy. Be prepared for a screening full of laughing, screaming, and wise-cracking - much of it from your own mouth. Art exploded from a creative pressure cooker. Global exchange and local community building.

Cinemasports started as a grassroots event in San Francisco in 2004. Founder Jin Joo posted a message on few web bulletin boards inviting local filmmakers to participate in a unique spontaneous filmmaking event, the first Cinemasports. This first event included 5 production crews that screened their movies at the end of the day in a small room with a TV. The room lacked chairs, so everyone sat on the floor passing around a bottle of champagne. The overwhelming question at the end of the day: "When can we do that again?" After the enthusiasm of this initial group, the event grew quickly through word of mouth. A year later, 83 production crews signed up for a single Cinemasports event. Cinemasports organized international events in its second year and spread quickly to cities like London, New York, Frankfurt, Buenos Aires, and Sofia Bulgaria.

Who is Cinemasports?
Cinemasports is Global Co-operative. Produced by an international collective, each event results from a collaboration between committed local and international producers. Often, local organizers approach us with the desire to bring Cinemasports to their town. We collaborate with these enthusiastic local heroes to stage an event that brings the local filmmaking community together. We collaborate with committed single individuals, film festivals, film/video organizations, and other committed groups worldwide. Would you like to join our co-operative and bring Cinemasports to your town? With your local knowledge and our experience, we can make the event happen. We'll send you detailed information about joining our co-operative network of local organizers. Contact us.

Example Day
9am - Kickoff Meeting: Ingredients Announced
Include the following elements in the day's movie:
1. A stranger claims to be a lost relative.
2. A bubble
3. The spirit world.

9:30am - 7:30pm - Make Movies
Groups disperse and make movies

8pm - Screen Finished Movies
Public Screening of movies made today.