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I'm filmmakers, film teacher. /cameraman, editor, director/ I created 20 years ago in Hungary, a non-profit talent workshop. Children and young people. The name: Makói Video- és Művészeti Műhely / The Video and Art Workshop of Mako-Hungary/ We are the only first film workshop in Hungary, many, many connections throughout the world. I started In the 2003 my first festival, film workshop. Zoom to Europe /Zoom to Europe and The World, Zoom the Europe and Asia, Zoom to Europe and Transylvania/ Blog: Most important of international partners from: South Korea - DIMA Greece: Camera Zizania festival               Skopelos - Siffy Germany: Werkstatt für Jungen Filmszene - Wiesbaden                  REC Medienfestival - Berlin Span: Jordi el Mussol - Mice

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