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From our last installment introducing a team of teenagers in Laos, we move to a very different culture, geography, and economy in the United States.

Several teams from Gunn High School in Palo Alto, California have joined Cinemasports. Many of these Cineamsports teams are from the intermediate video production class taught by Ed Corpuz, and one team formed from the school's photography club mentored by photo teacher Marie Durquet.

Gunn High School has about 1900 students, and it's campus features classrooms that open into wide outdoor passages between one story wooden buildings. Students who attend Gunn High School are 14 to 18 years old, and many take part in activities around theatre, sports, art, and film. The proud students of this academically-oriented American high school describe their school as "fast-paced, busy, but active and fulfilling".

Palo Alto, California is a small city of 64,403 people in the heart of "Silicon Valley", just 40 minute drive south of San Francisco and north of the city of San Jose. This town hosts the headquarters of Telsa Motors, Hewlett-Packard, and Skype. Palo Alto has also incubated many other technology companies like Google, Facebook, and PayPal.

Young filmmaker Kelly says about Gunn High School, "Each year we have Not In Our Schools Week at our school (and the other high school in Palo Alto, I think), where we bring light to issues like bullying and discrimination, and we get this shirt that says, 'We’re All in This Together", which I think describe the place, in general, very well. Every member of the community strives to make Palo Alto a better place, and this feeling of unity is very apparent and heartwarming to see."

Says teacher Ms. Durquet, "What I love about my students is how well they work together, their kindness, and willingness to dig in and try new things. The parents and other teachers are completely supportive and I am so lucky to be at this school!"

During their video shoot, team The FOURce ate for lunch:
Caramel macchiato from Starbucks

Teams from Gunn High School
Wolf Productions
Intangible Films
Four Eyes Films
Partial Montgomery Films
The FOURce