Kids' Workshops
Student Filmmakers
Students already love movies. In our workshops, they become actors, writers, directors, and animators.
Life Skills
Our workshops foster creativity, collaboration, media literacy, and self esteem.
Our international events connect young filmmakers around the world.

We base movies on stories by students and their unique community and culture. Communication, collaboration, technical, and creative skills are integral to the experience.

Media Literacy

Here is a bold statement: Movie making is as important as reading and writing. In our networked, multilingual society, a well crafted video will reach more people than a well written essay. Through video, we can influence the world more profoundly than through the pen alone. Media literacy is not just fun. It's a critical skill for our modern world.

As stars of their own movie, students make critical connections between the media they create and the media they consume. A glimpse behind the curtain can help students navigate the confusing messages of body image, stereotypes, and social acceptance constantly aimed at them.


West Child Story by Jordi El Mussol, Valencia Spain (2014). Screened at Cannes Film Festival in 2015. Required: Story based on myth or legend.

Don't Wake Up by Tea Films (2014). Tea Films, based in London, worked with young people in County Durham in the North of England to help produce this scary movie. Required: Reflection, map, whisper.

Cinemasports connects kids from different cultures. We often teach our workshops in conjunction with our international Cinemasports competitions. Youth teams from around the world make movies with the same required ingredients and deadline. The result is a cultural exchange of stories and a meaningful connection between students around that world that share a common creative experience.

Our international collaborators are passionate organizations and accomplished artists from different continents working with their local youth. Cinemasports entries have shown at film festivals worldwide. See more about our events at

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We customize programs for students of all ages. Our teacher workshops empower teachers to start their own filmmaking program in their classrooms. Please feel free to contact us for more information!