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Belfast, Northern Ireland

29 March 2014

Cinemasports is fast and furious race of creativity.

Teams have 10 hours to make movies with three essential ingredients that will be released on the morning of the competition. Screening is on the 11th hour.

Kickoff is at 10.00am in Lawrence Street Workshops Belfast

At 10.00am teams will get the three "essential elements" that they have to include in their film.

The three minute films then have to written, cast, shot, edited and delivered in file format back to the Workshops by the 8pm deadline.

The screening will start in the Workshops at 9pm. There will be an entry charge of £5 to the screening.

There will also be a separate kids' competition, with the deadline set at 5pm and the screening at 6pm. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. **Please note that all movies will be shared publicly on youtube. Consent forms must be filled out in order to participate.**

Small Flame
Old Photograph