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蝴蝶效应_拍玩儿工作室Symbol of decadence國際大學拍片運動 CinemaSport 2015 - 媒體灌輸 You Are What You See2015國際大學拍片運動 Magic LaneNo shoes No peacevam's date魔法阿公 Magic GrandpaBrunchFilm-Beep    Cinemasport 2015cinemasports-3388girls actor:巧妮.恣瑩.佳庭.文雁.卉庭.惠涓.嘉文HER SHOE伴履 | Half of Shoes愛的滑板鞋【Angry Marginal】邊緣人的國際大學拍片運動Video programasbest magic ever閒雜-日常 插播冒險旅程Lusts -私慾The Shose ThiefExchange  交換灰姑娘的华尔兹_Zero國際大學拍片運動 Cinemasports Universities - The Office Dog.台灣鄉土劇xA message to humanity瘋狂的鞋子 Crazy shoes慢跑鞋  running shoe|Cinemasports Universities0800 (控巴控控)HEISTERS Alex's shose國際大學拍片運動-尋物魔術師 where is my shoes2015/3/22 國際大學拍片運動 Cinemasports Universities / 炸雞戰隊 - 中鞋 Getting A ShoeWoman's MagicCAGEControlCinderela【橘焰蜜豆】那一天球鞋 ‧ 魔術 ‧ 遙控 ‧ 愛反 8 0 國際大學拍片運動-Shoes areBAKIN AJVAR - CINEMASPORTS仙度瑞拉 XYZ術視OH YEAH ! team (國際大學拍片運動 Cinemasports Universities)魔術鞋  Magic shoesPeeperVale por una vida anterior好姐妹鞋教彬彬ㄅ一ㄤㄅ一ㄤ - 灰姑男 Who remote control my heartI-shoes龍華科技大學國際拍片E1014421105短片死亡信號I dropped the headHush!國際大學拍片運動 Cinemasports Universities_在微笑月亮的夜晚召喚崑科大跩奶_三號房 Room 3一個男孩,一隻鞋,一個故事  A Boy,A Shoe,A StoryConcurso cinemasport - El zapato a distancia (The remote shoe)Naughty HandPick up_Circus 國際大學拍片運動鞋教【MAGIC】地城探險隊ver1鞋尋 (國際大學拍片運動 Cinemasports Universities)梦_R DreamFootLoose  履歷禮想情人THE GREAT IDEAOBC 01Cellphone of my life肥歐娜與屎瑞克國際大學拍片運動-腋下獨酌 單魔術、遙控、鞋子國際拍片運動 Color Pencil - Watch Out國際大學拍片運動 Cinemasports Universities - bad shoes彬彬ㄅ一ㄤㄅ一ㄤ - 灰姑男 Who remote control my heartHER SHOEDAUNG幕後-視界存在 Exist \ 2015 cinemasports地城探險隊ver1ferrymanControl 7 影視團隊 - Magic Shoes魔幻對決shoe迷失confuse_耕夢Everybody loves somebody龍華進四遊三A-龍華夫妻組OVERLAPBreaking the rules戲中戲2015/3/22 國際大學拍片運動Cinemasports Universities / 鵝五人five geese-交替one after another무산國際大學拍片運動_李奧納多蓋邱_皮鞋尋覓記(正式版)龍華進四遊三B六人小組who is next?HEISTERS Alex's shose优秀的编剧_ 我们在一起Is this  a shoe?OH YEAH ! team (國際大學拍片運動 Cinemasports Universities)人與狗The magic show【國際大學拍片運動】媽媽的神奇遙控器!?For want of a nail, the shoe was lost 第三屆國際大學拍片 三元素 文藻小劇場Lan Pian國際大學拍片運動[Cinemasports 2015] Cineticflow - The Regret序列 012015 國際大學拍片運動 當紅炸子雞 - 不 ! 我的衛生紙。Cinemasports - High Heels瘋狂的鞋子 Crazy shoesnightmare before springDream Killer傀儡 puppet找安找安-尋鞋

Cinemasports for Universities 2015

22 February 2015 to 22 March 2015

Cinemasports Universities challenges student teams around the world to make a short movie using the same required "ingredients".
Final movies must be less than 3 minutes and include required 3 ingredients announced at the start of the shooting day. Submitted movies will be considered for a gala screening at Kun Shan University in Tainan, Taiwan.


  • Each team will spend a maximum of 10 hours total on their movie.
  • Finished movies must be less than 3 minutes long. Often, shorter movies are more successful and likely to screen internationally.
  • Each movie must include 3 required ingredients announced at the start of the shooting day.
  • Outside of these simple rules, Cinemasports is very flexible. The team size, equipment, and location are all up to each individual team to decide.

Interested in joining with your University? Contact us!

Most Universities will participate on the same weekend: 21 March 2015 or 22 March 2015. Other Universities may participate earlier due to schedule constraints.
A gala screening will take place on 25 March 2015 on the Kun Shan University campus in Tainan, Taiwan. Other Universities my host their own screenings. All international submissions may be selected to screen.

Remote control
Lost shoe
Magic trick

Taiwan 132 teams