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Greeting from BeiChen

Bei Chen Elementary School in Taiwan had 3 teams join the event this summer. We created a greeting video for saying hi to all the participants in the world.

      L O V E

      In this great big world, you're not alone, because love isn't differed by sex

          One less time

          A girl tried so many things to experience love from a person that was gone, but failed too many times, so she tried to reach the goal with an extreme action. She tried to reexperience the feeling by getting closer to death. She did succed. She felt that bit of love one last time, but did not manage to get back to reality. So she left with her.


              A young girl becomes obsessed with a famous singer which leads her to a new addiction.

                  Jurassic Agents

                  A scientist studying the secrets of dynosaur DNA is tracked by nefarious secret agents.

                      The Muralist

                      You can find a more polished final version of the Cinemasports movie here:

                      The Muralist