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The Executive travels the space time continuum to take on Ninjataur in a battle.

      Dolly's Got Nothing on This

      A man tries to create to perfect clone of himself without his faults.


          Before a date, a man tries to deal with his deficiencies with neurogenetic therapy.

              Reflections of Truth

              A femme fatale hit woman reflects on her past through a dream sequence of fortunate and unfortunate events.


                  A man is given the gift of color in a black and white world.

                      National World Four Square Championship

                      Documentary of four players in the World Four Square Championship


                          A boy turns a tick into a friend.


                              Two people in a hot tub find empathy on the rocks.

                                  Vern's Out Sick

                                  An investigation into an illicit affair leads to unexpected discoveries.

                                      Le Revenge Duvalier

                                      Senators receive a mind control substance.