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Who Buys Frogs These Days?

Mistaken identity for a frog on the streets of New York can be disastrous.

      The One O'clock Commentary

      Talking about the making of The One O'clock.

          Undulating Dragon Commentary

          Talking about the making of Undulating Dragon.

              HFC Commentary

              Running commentary by the makers of HFC.


                  Two guys escape from an insane aylum and find a truly crazy real world.

                  Watch the Making of HFC

                      The One O'clock

                      Bob and Susan have a one o'clock appointment with a marriage counselor.

                          The Two Lives of Joe Macomodo

                          A mad scientist will try anything to stay with his wife. Winner "Best in Show" Cinemasports NYC Aug 27, 2005

                              Undulation Dragon

                              A lonely woman finally makes a personal ad date and finds a new freedom.