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解脫 Survive.


About Ours :We are college students from Tainan, Taiwan. We love to make films. The team name “G.E.T” means we want to catch ,to seize our dreams and we will never give up. The hidden meaning is “go extraordinary tour”.
The expression is that while we achieve the dream will embark on a trip before extraordinary journey. It will be a memorable experience in our life.
Even I start a new journey , I will still got my eyes on the road ahead and walk toward my dream.

Our Members:張翊萱 (Chang,Yi-Hsuan)、龐彙穎 (Pang,Huey-Ying)、許雅婷 (Hsu,Ya-ting)、柯慧欣(Ko,Hui-hsin)、魏妤庭(Wei,Yu-Ting)、林郁欣 (Lin,yu-sin、黃瀞誼(Huang,Jing-Yi)、陳雅婷(Chen,ya-ting)、潘玉玨 (Pan,Yu-Jyue)、李宇振(Lee Yoo Jin)、吳季蓁、(Wu-Ji-Jhen、蔡沂真(Cai,Yi-Jhen) 丁湘瑩、(Ting,Hsiang-Ying)

Tainan CityTaiwan