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The Golden Dream

Some girls have a dream that they have discovered gold so they go on a major shopping spree around the world. Alas, they wake up only to realize they discovered a bag of coal.

      The Goddess Of the Sea: MaZu 海上守護神媽祖

      MaZu is known as the Goddess of the sea, it is popular belief in Taiwan. According legend, before she become a immortal, her name was Mo-Naing. She scarify her life to save her family who is fishermen on the sea.

      The Origin of Chang Huang Gods 城隍爺的誕生

      in Taiwan, Cheng Huang Temples are everywhere in small towns or big cities. It is the God that protect the local citizen.
      This film is a kids' adaptation of a traditional story: The Origin of Chang Huang Gods. Along with the traditional drum performance by the drum team of Ho-ping primary school

      Forest Spirit 森靈

      This story is an adaptation of a Saisiyat legend" Ritual to The Short People"
      It is about people destroy the forest, which causing a disaster to their environment. they were panic and didn't know what to do. So they went to the temple and ask the God for solution. The God gave them a map to find the 2 Short People who are trapped in the forest. "They will able to help to restore the nature" he said. So they went into the forest and rescue the Short People. The Short People help them to grow the trees again. they live happily ever after.

        An-ping Nostalgic Melody 安平追想曲

        An-ping Nostalgic Melody is a very well known old song in Taiwan. it Tells a story about a inter-ethnic marriage between a Dutch doctor and a Taiwanese woman during the era of Dutch occupation. Kids create the film according to their understanding on the lyric of this old song.

        Happy Birthday

        As the daily life and all the little things that happens in every friendship, this is a short story between two girls with a particular memories, like we always throwback to old times and miss it very much. Hope you enjoy it.