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Shotten Hall Dance Academy

This movie is longer than normal. It was made as part of kids filmmaking workshop, and the team was made of 2 originally separate teams joined together. As a result the final movie is longer than other movies in the same event.


      Best friends Sophie and Hayley wake up in a nightmare where they cannot communicate with each other and the only thing they can hear is a Whisper.

          Doctor Problem

          This film was inspired by the reality of lack of doctors on the island of Skopelos.

              英靈 English Spirit

              Each library will always have some strange legends, however, Kunshan Library basement to spread the legend of the library there is a gathering place for the elf, an English consecutive semesters when the two girls were alone in the library studying English at unknowingly broke into their world, and then a series of surprising events occur, in the end what is at play? What is their purpose? What is a dream? Or reality?


                  We are both friends and classmates, well at least we were……whenever there is an arguement i always find out im alone, all by myself , i cannot share your happiness, your friendship i have no right to be involved and what i feel will let you go through a infinite experience of terror , horror , confusion and lost.