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An Amazing Experience in Skopelos

A Cinemasports movie for Mill Valley Film Festival in San Francisco, CA in conjunction with Skopelos International Film Festival for Youth (SIFFY).

Tourists arrive to experience the incredible architecture, flora and fauna of Skopelos, Greece.

This film was created completely by students from the Skopelos middle school with an iphone and without any help from adults.

      The Artist and the Audience

      The Artist addresses himself and his audience.

          Bread Thief

          Two very hungry Greek girls decide to go out for a bite to eat and soon find themselves in the thick of a madcap adventure.
          By SIFFY Filmmakers:
          Artemis Javolaki--Star!
          Eirini Egglezou--Star!
          Dimitris Sotis--Cinematographer
          Giorgos Lemonis--Director
          Alexandros Rokos--Star!
          Irmen Senko--Star!

          Kery Ramadani
          Maria Juliana Byck

              Lesson Learned

              A short film made by Lone Buffalo students for the Cinemasports Mill Valley Film Festival event. The film was shot edited and posted within 10 hours for the competition...