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暴力存在於彼此之間,不管哪一種暴力,我們都需要去面對;精神與心理的交錯中,最終還­是無法逃脫出來。 Violence exists between each other, no matter what kind of violence, we all need to face; spiritual and psychological staggered, and ultimately can not escape.

      最後青春 Last youth

      The protagonist feel Depressed because emotion problems.
      In a chance,she remember changing letters on senior high school with best friend.
      Finally she finds the initial confidence.
      主角因感情失志,在偶然和老朋友的聚會完成了高中時期的青春任務-交換信件,而又從中找回勇敢 不屈的精神。

          For bread

          Short film for Cinemasports to the Mill Valley Film Festival

              Unforseen Departure

              A rather mature theme for 13 year old students but it is a beautifully put together little film about an unforseen departure. A special credit should be given to student Giorgios Xliveros who not only created a well organized film production but also was able to manage his team beautifully. It was as much a pleasure to watch the film being made as it was to watch the final product!

                  Lesson Learned

                  A short film made by students from the Lone Buffalo Foundation English Development Centre in Phonsavan, Xieng Khouang Province, NE Laos for the Cinemasports Mill Valley Film Festival event.