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Granny, hugs and love - Cinemasports movie拾荒 SCAVENGING如夢初醒貓咪貓頭1+1+1[鑰匙掉了]陰暗房間的恐怖椅子鎖2021年國際拍片運動—出戀(Hunter)騎遇《甜蜜的房間》 Sweet room-花寶包國際拍片運動|DREAMING夢CheatEMO_day一起走下去吧!求救信號  Signal【緝】94要攝攝鑰命追逐 - 國際拍片運動 Cinemasports International賣女孩的小火柴-鑰匙在哪裡?Where is the key ?My grandma's scarf我回來了殺人魔 Killer_ドキドキ大滷麵Dance moves片名:Steal    ft.再給我兩分鐘拍片運動  防疫小短劇擁抱未遂 CINEMASPORTS INTERNATIONAL 2021要死掉了 Going to die _一群八婆會飛的擁抱 ! ! 從世界各個角落都要飛來擁抱貓咪醫生 Cat doctor_輔建科GeniusesAn Easy Idea. (Cinemasports 2021)狗狗搖尾吧Hug To Open (cinema sports 2021)On the road擁抱 中年失業收容所A key to knowledge消小的小號 The disappeared trumpet _管弦牛逼陣抓鑰匙魚2021 11 20 09 54 52視堅情—三代同湯Where are you?根上你 Follow you冤家路窄-咖逼钥匙Key嚇椅跳 (Scary chair)_嚇椅跳團隊失心封懼 SCARD不可以攝攝組之幾個尷尬的瞬間被遺忘的角落「誤」    2021《我終於畢業了!》團隊社逃分享 share_大成聯誼會高斯模糊煞氣ㄟA.K.A爆肝小組-封閉失眠第10小時The light天光 - C&S GROUPWHAT GOES UP MUST STAY UP - team ČLANI, Cinemasports 2021赎 Redeem光시나몬和解reconciliation_攝計師HECHO EN VENICE暴衝小綿羊2021國際拍片運動 疼痛TRUST IS THE KEY戲箱子多媒體 不正常人類研究中心Gloominess熱礙Yellow Objects -  UnlockThe 8th Cinemasports International 2021  今年也想畢業༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽鑰匙未接來電Best Friendsir攝的事【幻Vision】The next day - ALPS 阿爾卑斯她she(不會上映葵花籽劇組 行進中請抱緊 Moving hold tight拍片運動 成片勉強-StudyWhat is The Key? (2021 cinema sports)

The 8th Cinemasports International 2021

20 November 2021 to 27 November 2021

Shooting day
20 NOVEMBER 2021

Once again, we will announce 3 required ingredients before filmmakers have 10 hours to make a film less than 3 minutes long. This Cinemasports event is open to all ages and nationalities. This is a change from our past Cinemasports Universities events, but the event is based on the same creative spirit. This event is open to everyone, young and and old! Sign up using the button above to receive more information and instructions.


  • Each team will spend a maximum of 10 hours total on their film.
  • Finished films must be less than 3 minutes long. Often, shorter films are more successful and likely to screen internationally.
  • Each film must include 3 required ingredients announced at the start of the shooting day.
  • Outside of these simple rules, Cinemasports is very flexible. The team size, equipment, and location are all up to each individual team to decide.
  • Please include this image in your credits (5 seconds) :

Most teams will participate on the same weekend: 20 November 2021. Other teams may participate earlier due to timezone and schedule differences.
A gala screening will take place on 27 November 2021 in Central Tainan City, Taiwan. All submissions will be considered but only a selection may screen due to time constraints.

Japanese Patriotic Women's Association
27 November 2021 18:30 - 20:00 (CST) +0800 UTC

If you have any questions, please contact us here:

Facebook page:
2020 Booklet:
Download the other booklets:


Taiwan 69 teams