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Cinemasports International 2019

26 October 2019 to 2 November 2019

Once again, we will announce 3 required ingredients before filmmakers have 10 hours to make a movie less than 3 minutes long. This Cinemasports event is open to all ages and nationalities. This is a change from our past Cinemasports Universities events, but the event is based on the same creative spirit. This event is open to everyone, young and and old! Sign up using the button above to receive more information and instructions.


  • Each team will spend a maximum of 10 hours total on their movie.
  • Finished movies must be less than 3 minutes long. Often, shorter movies are more successful and likely to screen internationally.
  • Each movie must include 3 required ingredients announced at the start of the shooting day.
  • Outside of these simple rules, Cinemasports is very flexible. The team size, equipment, and location are all up to each individual team to decide.
  • Please include this image in your credits (5 seconds) :

Most teams will participate on the same weekend: 26 October 2019. Other teams may participate earlier due to timezone and schedule differences.
A gala screening will take place on 2 November 2019 on Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park in Tainan, Taiwan. All submissions will be considered but only a selection may screen due to time constraints.

If you have any questions, please contact us here:

Taiwan 63 teams