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Good morning-Animation-Cinemasports解脫記憶封存撕下你的標籤/三人妙妙屋Let go of prejudice-2022 Cinemasports International國際運動—早上六點7-11Label’s for Hope出來面隊 夢想起飛 The dream fly above the sky.The Note紙飛機Paper Airplane少年仔!來打球!The great Paper airplane race2022第九屆國際拍片運動-偷偷來貪念love is in the air國際拍片日_國寄拍騙Keep Going拍片運動第九屆國際拍片運動|爭一口氣團隊|[拾起未來]一日拍片 國際拍片運動Love with plane論霸凌2022拍片運動 紙飛機拍片運動My label孤獨你喜歡貓嗎 自由殭屍zombie/僵僵僵僵be good to yourself 對自己好一點我家的貓會後空翻別吵-國際拍片運動 CinemasportsMagic noteLose and Tearsssalt people grandpa forest森林爺爺球與紙飛機Four Airplanes, Four Mind破局第九屆國際拍片運動   影片非常沒料國際拍片連動 禿頭地精爆肝物流正修猴CSM 國際拍片拍片運動Four Airplanes, Four Mind疫情下擁抱夢想國際拍片運動第九屆愛探險的Cora喜歡同性錯了嗎689312616 896461看不見的傷痕別在意The Note2022年11月26日2022年第九屆國際電影運動會-早起吃早餐-「螢幕交友The friendships for nowadays」Airplane's dreamCHANGESinamon2022  第九屆 國際拍片運動_晴空萬里 Clear SkyMake a Wish拍片運動2022第九屆 國際拍片運動-明星四缺一AMTF飛抓住天空 catch sky_喵喵队摸大狗2022 第九屆國際拍片運動-我的大學時光 My college time拍片運動 _做自己 Be youself國際拍片運動2022《破局》殭屍跳 Zombie bounce第九屆國際拍片運動LOVE is always Being

The 9th Cinemasports International 2022

26 November 2022

Shooting day
26 November 2022

2022 December 7
6:30-8:30 PM
Kun Shan University
Creative Media Buliding no. 2

Once again, we will announce 3 required ingredients before filmmakers have 10 hours to make a film less than 3 minutes long. This Cinemasports event is open to all ages and nationalities. This event is open to everyone, young and and old! Sign up using the button above to receive more information and instructions.


  • Each team will spend a maximum of 10 hours total on their film.
  • Finished films must be less than 3 minutes long. Often, shorter films are more successful and likely to screen internationally.
  • Each film must include 3 required ingredients announced at the start of the shooting day.
  • Outside of these simple rules, Cinemasports is very flexible. The team size, equipment, and location are all up to each individual team to decide.
  • Please include this image in your credits (5 seconds) :

Most teams will participate on the same weekend: 26 November 2022. Other teams may participate earlier due to timezone and schedule differences.

If you have any questions, please contact us here:

Facebook page:
2021 Booklet:
Download the other booklets:

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